Our theme this year is “The Weight of Water”, a broad theme that allows us to address the destruction of aquatic ecosystems, the millions that are forced into water poverty and the exploitation that remains ignored. If we are to strive, let alone survive, as a society, our access to usable water is essential. Water is the foundation of life, a right that we are all entitled to but yet 3.3 million people are denied this very right or have no access to it. Over the years, these fundamentals are exploited and ignored, leaving areas of the world in a continuous water poverty cycle. We associate water to nourishment and to life but now it has fallen in midst of destruction, a means of conflict and has become an identity of wealth. The weight of water has never been perceived as important but now that must change.  We need to consider that more than 71% of our Earth is comprised of water and that 87% of the world’s oceans are dying. It’s more than about time we start devoting our hard earned technological and intellectual advancements towards looking out for our world – beginning with achieving equality amidst water.